The 600cc sportbikes have always been the biggest sellers for the big four Japanese manufacturers. During the ’90s, the 600s were cranking out 85-90 horsepower and running very low 11-second quarter mile times. With top speeds in the mid-150 mph range and a 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds they were obviously very fast. At the time the Honda CBR600 was the dominant bike in the middleweight class, making it the most popular-and arguably the most influential-600cc sportbike ever made.

Since the CBR600F3 was so popular we wanted to do something special with this particular bike. We decided to do some performance upgrades using parts directly from the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC). Its been said “you just can’t beat the factory” and we would have to agree as HRC produces some very special, high performance components. The first modification we performed was to install an HRC carburetor jet kit. There was no guesswork involved as these components were fully calibrated and tested at the factory for flawless operation. Part of the jetting changes required modification of the stock airbox. HRC provided instructions on exactly what was needed to more than double the air intake capabilities. To take full advantage of the improved intake breathing we needed to replace the stock exhaust system. We installed an Erion Racing stainless/titanium full race system. An interesting note about the exhaust system is that Honda R&D directly designed it. At the time, in order to be legal to use for AMA racing, the exhaust system had to be commercially available. Since the factory race teams only use the best of the best, HRC developed the exhaust and contracted with selected vendors for commercial production. Erion Racing was already producing aftermarket exhaust systems and was a Honda Factory supported race team so they were a logical choice to produce the HRC designed unit. Turning to the engine itself we decided to install a set of HRC camshafts. These cams were not legal for AMA racing but this bike was set up for the street so that was not an issue. Lastly we installed an HRC Ignition Control Module (ICM). The ICM allowed a 1200rpm redline increase to 14,500rpm with an additional one horsepower gain. Tested on the Erion Racing dynamometer we achieved 101 horsepower at the rear wheel, pretty impressive for 600cc’s To round out our project, stainless steel braided brake hoses were installed both front and rear to help compensate for our newly found engine power and the suspension race sag was set for a 180 pound rider. With all modifications completed we had a very powerful and fast CBR600 that stopped and handled amazingly well and sounded like an F-16 taking off from an aircraft carrier when revved to 14,500rpm!


September 24, 2015