This bike started out as many do, heavily “choked” from the factory due to emission regulations. It was no secret the LC4 engine had a lot of potential if it could be made to breathe properly. Ultimately we were able to take the stock 45 HP output and increase it into the low 60 HP range. The stock exhaust was removed and a hand fabricated, true 2 into 1 header with oversized tubes was installed along with a KTM Factory race spec midpipe and a beautiful set of Akrapovic carbon fiber/titanium mufflers. To address intake system problems we completely removed the carburetor and highly restrictive airbox and replaced them with a Mikuni TMR40 flat slide race carburetor and a custom direct intake with a UNI Oiled Foam High Flow air filter. This particular carburetor is not available in the U. S. so it was sourced from Mikuni Germany. It was incredibly adjustable and fit this application perfectly. Motion Pro provided the custom throttle cables to complete the installation. Weight reduction was a big component of this project. Obviously muffler replacement and airbox elimination helped a lot along with passenger footpeg and bracket removal. We were able to eliminate one full pound of unsprung weight by replacing the front fender with a KTM Factory carbon fiber unit. Another area of weight savings came from replacing the stock speedometer with a Trail Tech Endurance electronic gauge assembly, which weighed about two ounces. Lastly a carbon fiber oil filter cover, carbon fiber rear master brake cylinder cover, titanium rear sprocket and titanium front fork bolts were installed. We were able to decrease the overall weight of the bike by 25 pounds. That along with the increase in engine power made quite a hooligan bike! The suspension is premium WP components that only required proper sag adjustments for the rider and the bike was fitted with outstanding Brembo brakes although we did replace the stock rubber rear brake hose with a stainless braided unit. All in all these modifications turned this mild mannered commuter into a canyon carving powerhouse!


September 24, 2015