At Road And Track Specialists we fabricate, install accessories and build custom wire harnesses. The Kawasaki Mule featured here is used as an awesome hog-hunting rig here in South Texas. Our customer discovered that, as great the Mule is, the factory headlamps were totally inadequate for the darkness of the backcountry. We turned to Baja Designs for a pair of four LED spot lamps and a six LED light bar. As this vehicle spends all it’s time outdoors the mounting hardware needed to be made exclusively of stainless steel. The light bar was designed to be mounted at bumper level but the customer wanted it high mounted under the roof peak so we had to custom fabricate mounts that would allow the light bar to be adjusted down instead of up. Since the roof of the Mule is made of 16-gauge sheet steel we had to reinforce the roof in the area of the light bar drop mounts and fabricate custom brackets to prevent forward and rearward movement of the light bar so the roof steel wouldn’t fatigue and crack. The spot lamps needed to have 270° of rotational adjustability. The customer wanted to have the option to illuminate the areas directly to the sides of the light bar or rotate the spot lamps to the sides of the Mule to track those trophy hogs. To make it all work the wiring harnesses had to be custom made. Packaging was critical so a 10-2, marine grade conductor was run from the battery to a remote junction box we located above the right fender liner to protect it from the elements. Power studs were mounted in the junction box then we created a drip-loop to protect the connections from water intrusion and ran the wire harness up into the box where all the connections were terminated. All external connections were made using marine grade crimp connectors, pre-packed with dielectric grease then covered with heat shrink tubing to assure weatherproof operation. Everything functioned great but the true test would be in total darkness. All we can say is WOW, the night just melted away! Be sure to view the photos comparing the stock headlamps vs. the LEDs. The result far surpassed our expectations and the customer was absolutely thrilled.


September 24, 2015